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Florence-Darlington Tech’s Innovative Pharmacy Technician Program

Florence-Darlington Technical College’s new Pharmacy Technician Program is ready to enhance learning outcomes by providing students with advanced simulation tools and knowledge. Check out this video overview of their innovative program.

Not only are Pharmacy Technicians are a crucial part of one of the fastest growing healthcare fields, they also have ever increasing challenges and responsibilities, and must continue to excel and adapt to technological change.

Pharmacy faculty, as role models, enable learners to gain knowledge and skills of pharmacy technicians in order to enhance their transition to practice, leading to increased competence and better patient care. As the roles of pharmacy technicians continually evolve, it becomes increasingly important for educational programs to provide innovative curriculum and technology, just as Florence-Darling Technical College does.

Pharmacy technicians are the liaisons between medical professionals, doctors, pharmacists, insurance companies, and patients. They are crucial in pharmacy settings because they have the knowledge needed to work with patients regarding their medications while also performing administrative tasks when needed.

– Florence Darlington Tech, on the importance of Pharmacy Technicians

Co-designed curriculum from SEPhT™ and KbPort™ aligns with our various simulated technology, mirroring what learners will encounter in typical pharmaceutical settings, and enables both instructors and students to collaborate on the important aspects of medication dispensation, hands-on skills, and more.

As featured in the Florence-Darlington Technical College Pharmacy Technician Program overview, some of our pharmacy products include SimCabRx™ Standard Pharmacy and our Virtual Study™ Pharmacy Technician Advanced Program (CPhT). Click here to learn more about our pharmacy solutions.

SEPhT introduces TeachMEDS and Lab Skills Kits! 

A new line of simulated medication containers designed for inexpensive inventory management and friendly applications.

There is no API and many forms are available with more to come! All containers have bar codes, NDC numbers, expiration, lot, and identifying dosage information included. Students can easily begin to identify class and usual dosages from the containers themselves.