Pharmacy technicians are an integral part of the health care team, and The Society for the Education of Pharmacy Technicians (SEPhT) provides resources for training of pharmacy technicians. We promote the profession for providing educators with curriculum, supplies, simulation, equipment, and consulting to include start up and lab build out services.

Today’s pharmacy requires proper training to ensure the safest patient care and technicians must meet these standards prior to entering the workforce. SEPhT works closely with partners, such as KbPort to provide products and services to train and meet the needs of employers today.

SEPhT is guided by Karen Davis, an educator with over 36 years practice in field, who provides valuable knowledge and leadership for today’s pharmacy profession. Her experience includes authorship of texts, accreditation consulting, curriculum development, and simulation products, software, and dispensing equipment.


SEPhT is led by Karen Davis who has been a pharmacy technician and educator for over 28 years. Mrs. Davis has worked in every area of pharmacy including long term care, community, institutional, indigent, and infusion. She currently serves as a Program Director at Southeastern Tech College, author of techncian training materials, and a member of several professional organizations. She is also an item writer for the PTCE, ASHP accreditation surveyor, and active community leader. In addition, Mrs. Davis is also very active in technician legislation for her state through the Georgia Technician Initiative committee and recently received the Technician of the Year for GSHP and previously the Instructor of the Year for her college.


The Society for the Education of Pharmacy Technicians (SEPhT), located in Lyons, Georgia, is an organization that provides educational tools and support to career pharmacy technicians, preceptors, and employers throughout the United States, since 2010, The Society for the Education of Pharmacy Technicians (SEPhT) promotes the advancement of pharmacy technicians’ knowledge base and professionalism throughout the country by offering advanced training and education, professional development, and career planning; as well as provide a collaborative networking platform to enhance communication and awareness in the pharmacy field.