SEPhT now offers ACPE skills camps and certifications

Announcing ACPE accredited CE through SKILLS CAMPS.


Over 15 hours of CEUs in mulltiple lessons and two SPECIALTY Certifications with 12 hours of CEUs each! 


All courses include supplies, use of automated dispensing cabinet, bar coding technology, prescription processing software/labeling, and hours of hands on practice. 

Non sterile and sterile processing certifications -12 CEUs each

Medication Managment Therapy

Repackaging and automated dispensing inventory control

Emergency/Disaster planning

Wellness clinic with DME/Diabetes management

Inhaler and patient teaching skills 


March 30-31st, 2018   OFTC Dublin, Ga. Porter Center  15 hours of CE 

May 10-11 Sterile Processing Certification- Dubln, Ga. 12 hours CEUs 

Non sterile certification-12 hours CEU TBA dates in June

for more information contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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